DNA testing used for proving Varsha Khare’s biological father

The media had the news that a court used DNA testing to prove that Varsha Khare’s biological father was the educational baron Shivaji Jondhale though in her academic records her fathers name was specified as Rajesh Khare. Varsha Khare’s legal mother Geeta Khare was also her biological mother.
Shivaji Jondhale has founded and owns a large number of educational institutions, college in maharashtra and lives in Dombivili with Geeta Khare, who was the principal of one of his colleges since 1988 according to media reports
Sagar Jondhale the son of Shivaji Jondhale objected to the court decision, saying that Varsha Khare may be trying to grab property.
This indicates that in many cases the biological father of a person may not be the legal father, many people have extra marital affairs. Yet the indian government refuses to admit that its well paid employees are having affairs, that they are blinded by their lust when they make FAKE CLAIMS about sindhi scammer school dropout naina premchandani, nayanshree, siddhi mandrekar, sunaina chodan,goan gsb fraud robber riddhi nayak caro falsely claiming that they were the btech 1993 ee classmates, and wastes taxpayer money paying them monthly government salaries at the expense of experienced engineers.