His father N.D Tiwari lived till the age of 93, Rohit Tiwari murdered at 40

The age till which a person lives, depends to some extent on the lifespan of their biological parents, so Rohit Tiwari, the son of politician N.D. Tiwari could have expected to live for long since his father died at the age of 93. Yet Rohit Tiwari was murdered at the age of 40, again highlighting the risk of marriage

After the google, tata sponsored indore R&AW raw employee robber housewife bespectacled veena who looks like actress deepika padukone, and was rewarded by google, tata with a raw job for robbing the domain investor to betray her, owning this website, the lawyer from indore, Apoorva Shukla is another indore woman involved in dhokha allegedly murdering her husband Rohit Tiwari

the domain investor has been sexually harassed for more than 10 years, her mental age questioned, subjected to identity theft, only because she is not married, yet the fact remains that marriage is a very risky business. It is very difficult to judge the character of a person, since most people are on their best behavior initially. Women are physically weaker, so the risk of being murdered and then the incident being passed of as a murder or suicide is fairly high.

In the Rohit Tiwari case also, it was initially reported as a natural death, only after the autopsy was carried out, the police detected that it was a murder. Rohit Tiwari was a wealthy and high profile person, yet his wife murdered him, and the murder was not detected for at least a week after his death though there were 9 CCTV cameras installed in the house. In case of ordinary citizens, they are even less likely to get justice in case they are murdered by a family member.

When apoorva shukla murdered her husband the police arrested her, yet when the indore robber housewife veena destroyed the professional career of her relative , stealing her documents and identity in a clear indication of the complete lack of ethics in the indian internet sector sector, google, tata immediately rewarded the indore housewife for her crime with a raw job falsely claiming that the robber housewife owned the websites, had the resume, savings of her relative who she robbed. ,

Apoorva shukla may be following the great indore tradition of betraying relatives who trust, and like the indore robber veena, she may also have expected a reward from fraud companies like google, tata who employees are always promoting robbers, cheaters, call girls