Tipu sultan rapist controversy and DNA testing

The Tipu sultan rapist controversy is directly related to casteism and DNA testing, India is the only democracy where the success, life of a person depends to a large extent on his or her caste, the family in which he or she was born, not his or her education, hard work , effort, honest and other personal characteristics. Brahmins consider themselves superior due to their birth, and jobs in the all powerful indian intelligence and security agencies are reserved for Brahmins and brahmin puppets , though the indian government does not have the honesty and courage to admit it officially
However allegedly it appears that DNA testing was carried out, and a large number of powerful brahmin officials in Karnataka appeared to have the same ancestry as the heirs of Tipu Sultan, making a mockery of the claim that the brahmins are superior to the muslims and other indians only because of birth.
So a union minister was protesting loudly that Tipu Sultan was a rapist , because there is no way the brahmin officials can have the ancestry as Tipu sultan unless their female grandmothers were raped by or had a relation with Tipu sultan or his forefathers at some stage in history.
Even the most religious brahmin officials are likely to have some mixed blood, and many dalit women are raped by upper caste men, so their children have brahmin blood.
This is the reason why discriminating a person based on his or her family, birth and caste is extremely unfair.