What to Do After Your Graduation?

Have you ever thought about what to do after your graduation? Because i’m literally in this situation, I do not know where to go and I think it would be an interesting idea to consider living in a completely unknown city and try to challenge myself. I was looking for postgraduate accommodation in Edinburgh because I’m in love with that city, I’t so charming. I always wanted to visit it and unexpectedly I found several offers, the University provides different accommodation options with internet connections, laundry facilites and big community from their residence. I’m pretty excited about this idea, Edinburgh offers great food, stunning views, nature (this city has 112 parks) and a wonderful nightlife. I hope there will be many activities, I would like to cultivate new hobbies, I also would like to meet new people and start from scratch.

Surely I would visit Edinburgh Castle, if you don’t know, It’s a castle built on an extinct volcano. The are some downsides to think about, I do not appreciate the rain and the gloomy weather and Edinburgh it’s not a sunny town at all. I also think that it’s not a cheap town, but it will ceirtainly have conveniences for students like me. Everything has its pros and cons, it’s impossible to find the perfect thing, but I’m feeling that this city is ideal for me. I’m dying to meet new places, I can’t wait to explore every corner of Scotland, catch every dramatic landscapes and fall in love with the wildlife.

Finally one aspect that is certainly touristic but also folkloristic, even if I would need to travel a little bit, I would be enthusiastic to visit the famous lake of loch Ness, and who knows, maybe I would be so lucky to see if the famous creature Nessie is still there quiet and peacefully living in the deeps of the lake.