TV actors real name, character, appearance , religion and genetics

It is interesting to find out the real name, character name, religion and ethnic background of television actors. Due to hereditary factors, most people are not able to hide their ethnic background whatever characters that they may be playing, their facial features,voice, appearance gives a clue to their lineage.

For example looking at Mallika Nayak, who plays the character of Sakshi Mathur in the serial Bepanah, it was immediately obvious that she was either Maharashtrian or Konkani, she was not north Indian. She looks very similar to goan gsb fraud R&AW employee siddhi mandrekar’s relative in height and facial features
The actress Parineeta Borthakur who plays Anjana Hooda, does not look like a north indian or from western India, and in reality she is an Assamese actress

Similarly the main male Muslim characters are played by Muslim actors, and checking their real name, confirmed the fact.
However the female muslim characters are not played by muslim actors, which could be because fewer muslim women are acting in television serials.