Brain drain, eugenics and intelligence in India

In most countries, the officials try to encourage the most intelligent citizens to do well, however in the last decade or so, the indian intelligence and security agencies have intentionally rewarded mediocrity, laziness, dishonesty , lies as part of their eugenics experiment to ensure that india remains one of the poorest countries in the world.
It appears that upper middle class families are aware of the fact that indian intelligence and security agencies target harmless honest hardworking intelligent indian citizens for persecution wasting crores of rupees of indian tax payer money, so after getting an engineering degree, their children take GRE and migrate to another country where merit, hardwork and honesty are appreciated.
As a professor in an american university predicted to the domain investor more than twenty four years ago, those who remain in india are unable to achieve anything because the security, intelligence agencies will destroy their life as part of the eugenics experiment
So to avoid being targetted by the extremely corrupt dishonest powerful indian intelligence and security agencies who are carrying out a eugenics experiment, of eliminating all intelligent honest people from India , like the nazis eliminated the jews, most students from top colleges are leaving the country at the first opportunity leading to the so called brain drain.