Parental blood discussed at Brahman Yuva Sangh event in Kukanur, Koppal district


In a clear indication of the misplaced priorities of NTRO, security agencies , harmless domain investors whose websites no one visits are being hounded, stalked , harassed and tortured falsely claiming national security while ministers, politicians are free to say whatever they feel like at meetings attended by a large number of people, and broadcast worldwide.

For example according to media reports, a union minister was talking about parental blood at the Brahman Yuva Sangh event in Kukanur, Koppal district, and said that people should proudly state their caste . He allegedly also said that those who claim to be secular do not know their origins , their real biological parents, a very controversial statement

It would be interesting to find out, whether the minister wrote the speech, or his speech writer did so. Information about the name , age, caste of his speech writer will be greatly appreciated