How cunning shivalli brahmins, GSB and other officials get jobs for their mediocre lazy greedy fraud inexperienced relatives with FAKE RESUMES

When many relatives, friends of top shivalli brahmin, GSB, goan bhandari officials have got government jobs in R&AW/CBI it is not always due to merit, it is because these officials have perfected the art of stealing resumes of vulnerable profesionals for their mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced relatives and friends.
A single woman bhandari engineer whose resume has been stolen 10 times by brahmin, goan bhandari frauds has realized the officials are using the following formula
– defaming the innocent harmless professional, engineer without any proof at all
– hysterically repeating the lies like a parrot for years
– getting fake references for their mediocre inexperienced relatives of the person these government officials have defamed
– keeping the person they have defamed a virtual prisoner so that the resume theft victim cannot get any help
– labelling the person as a security threat when he or she complains about the fraud.

These officials are taking advantage of the loopholes in indian intelligence agencies in a vyapam type fraud.