Casteism, genetics and brahmin atrocities in India

In his 1931 speech,”Our duty in India” Winston Churchill, one of the most respected prime ministers of UK and world leaders correctly predicted that the brahmins who led the freedom movement, will treat their fellow indians very badly once the british left india as they are shameless hypocrites, who pretend to be very modern in front of the British, yet have no qualms treating fellow indians very badly, worse than animals.

In 2017, the speech is largely true, as brilliant hardworking honest, harmless single women engineers who have studied in top engineering colleges are subjected to brutal state funded identity theft attempts by powerful mainly brahmin officials who wish to steal the impressive resume, investment of the single woman obc engineer, for their mediocre lazy fraud relatives, friends, obc puppets and sex partners

The brahmin officials are devoid of honest and humanity, refusing to acknowledge the educational qualification, experience, savings of non brahmin professionals, especially those who have studied in top colleges, making fake allegations without any proof at all.