Health and hereditary factors

The recent hospitalization of a high profile politician again highlighted factors affecting the health of politicians and other people. Often the health and age to which the person will live depends to a large extent on hereditary factors . For example the mother of a powerful politician is more than 95 years old and the politician is also in fairly good health compared to other politicians of the same age. The indian media has almost never carried any news of any health problem faced by the current prime minister.

On the other hand, there are many people who die of a heart attack at a fairly young age, in their forties and fifties. For example goan sex worker R&AW employees sunaina, siddhi both have had at least one parent die in their forties of a heart attack. In case of sunaina, both her parents expired, before reaching the age of sixty

So though these lazy greedy R&AW employees have attained quick success overnight, stealing the resume of an older woman with the help of their powerful lovers, boyfriends, it remains to be seen how long they will enjoy good health. Only time will tell what will happen 15 years later, when their powerful sugar daddies, lovers retire


Goan books on family history and physical features, skin, height , genealogy

In a clear indication of the increasing intolerance in India , intelligence and security agencies are extremely brazen and shameless in discriminating against, cheating and exploiting indian citizens, solely based on the appearance, skin, height
These intolerant and regressive indian government employees refuse to acknowledge the fact that the appearance, height, skin and eyes of a person depend largely on hereditary factors, the person has very less control and it is unfair to discriminate against a person based on his or her appearance alone.

While most indian writers are unwilling to acknowledge or discuss this aspect of a person, goan authors are more honest about why some people are good looking, their DNA and family history, and many goans have mixed blood , with forefathers from different countries, especially africa, europe
Skin by Margaret Mascarenhas was a well written book which traces the real parentage of the heroine of the book. The recently released book Poskem by fashion designer Wendell Rodricks is another story on the family heritage of different families and people living in goa, how wealthier families would look after abandoned children from poor families , how children from the same family have the same eyes, skin

If india is to really progress instead of discriminating against people due to factors beyond their control like hereditary factors, beauty, height, and focus on what a person can actually improve.

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