Fatal accident of birth

In his suicide note in January 2016 ,the dalit Phd scholar Rohith Vemula correctly commented on the “Fatal accident of birth” due to which he unable to get any justice, despite being meritorious. Just for protesting, the stipend of Rohith Vemula and other scholars from Hyderabad university was blocked, indicating that powerful mainly brahmin officials are ruthless in destroying the life of whistleblowers
This is a major problem faced by meritorious indian citizens who are not born in brahmin, bania, and other non well connected families , though they may work very hard to get an impressive resume, save money for their old age, they are often subjected to identity and resume theft by the mainly brahmin ntro employees, their retirement savings stolen by cbi, security agencies without a court order or legally valid reason.
In India in 2017, there appear to be different rules for brahmins,banias, bania, brahmin puppets and other indian citizens. The brahmins, banias and their puppets like indore fraud document robber housewife veena have the license to lie, cheat without being questioned, and are often rewarded for their fraud on meritorious lower caste professionals with R&AW/CBI jobs, falsely claiming to have the resume, investment of the person they cheated, exploited

So in India, in 2017, the career and life of a person depends to a large extent on the family in which he or she is born, hard work, merit, competence, education does not matter at all, especially for the notoriously corrupt dishonest, fraud powerful indian intelligence and security agency employees due to which india is facing negative job growth.