Intelligence and security agencies making fake claims about panaji’s pet prostitute R&AW employee sunaina because of her lineage

The mhow cheater brahmin ntro employee puneet who stole the identity of the domain investor has isolated her so completely after faking help, stealing her identity that she finds it extremely difficult to get any information. So the domain investor, engineer is posting on websites mainly to get a reaction and feedback. On quora , the engineer has got some extremely valuable feedback that her identity was stolen
Though ntro, raw, cbi, are dismissing all the content of the google competitor, engineer whose identity they have stolen as junk to defame her, it is being carefully analyzed by cia, other intelligence agencies since the websites give a true picture of what is happening in india, unlike the other puppet bloggers who are being promoted in the mainstream media.

Google is allegedly using the cia assessment to rank the content, and it is now confirmed that the intelligence and security agencies in goa are LIARS making complete fake claims about panaji’s pet prostitute R&AW employee slim tshirt wearing goan bhandari call girl sunaina chodan, only because of her lineage, her mother was working for IB before her death. The following post about panaji’s pet pampered prostitute sex siren sunaina chodan IB connection, made in July 2018, is ranked first in google.

The google, tata sponsored goa bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan is extremely lazy, mediocre , lacking experience, does not want to take any risk at all,does not own any domain, website,does not make any money online and is least interested in doing any work on the computer in future also. All this can be proved legally in case of any dispute.

However it is well known that the intelligence agencies closely monitor and control any media outlet with some amount of coverage /readership or viewership. So though goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan is not connected with the domain investor at all other than regularly criminally trespassing,robbing her house, the goan newspapers and other media outlets are pampering the lazy greedy panaji prostitute sunaina chodan, falsely giving her credit for the work done, money invested by the domain investor, engineer, who is being viciously defamed, her home burgled regularly in panaji, goa

In addition to having extremely powerful pimp, lovers, relatives and sugar daddies in ntro like j srinivasan, puneet, pritesh chodankar abusing their powers to make fake claims about the panaji call girl raw employee , few are aware of the fact that her mother was working for IB according to some sources. Some people who are aware of her family history, said that sunaina’s mother was involved in survey related work and died before retirement .

So while in mumbai, the engineer and domain investor was treated fairly by IB at least till 2010 for 21 years, in goa because of nepotism, the intelligence and security agencies in goa are largely prejudiced against the engineer, and blindly believe the complete lies of google, tata, ntro, raw, cbi employees promoting the lazy greedy goan bhandari call girl R&AW employee sunaina chodan