lack of honesty, humanity a genetic feature of shivalli and some other brahmins, bhandari pritesh chodan

One of the greatest ironies is how the shivalli, gsb and other brahmins, some bhandari frauds like pritesh chodankar are quick to accuse others of dishonesty when it can be easily and legally proved that they themselves are the greatest liars and frauds, making completely fake claims, falsely accusing a completely innocent person for more than 8 years, so that their lazy greedy relatives and friends, can get a monthly indian government salary, without doing any work, spending any time

For example the shivalli brahmins, gsbs are aware that their lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives nayanshree hathwar, riddhi nayak, siddhi, sunaina are not spending any time doing work online, do not have the skills, however cheating and exploiting appears to be a family tradition, so they continue to shamelessly lie for more than 8 years, so that these women get a monthly raw/cbi salary without doing any work, spending any time.

This fraud of falsely claiming credit for skills, work ethic they do not have, time and money they do not spend appears to be a family tradition for these fraud government employees for whom defaming innocent harmless people as having black money is a habit