Longevity depends to a large extent on hereditary factors

Government agencies are always trying to rob the resume, savings of older bhandari professionals, investors especially engineers with good JEE rank, spreading fake rumors that the money will be misused, the harmless professional is criminally defamed as a security threat without any legally valid proof.
The professionals are private citizens, who do not get any pension other compensation, their savings will be the only source of income which they have to pay their daily expenses in their old age. If a person is likely to live for at least 30 years after their business or professional income stops, they have to make provisions accordingly.
The life of a person depends to a large extent on hereditary factors, individuals whose parents have lived to more than 85+ are also likely to have a similar lifespan.
So individuals who have aged parents should save accordingly, if they do not wish to go begging in their old age.